Meet Gumball.

She comes from New York City, USA!

She is an Aries. Her birthday is April 4th. 









Gumball is an only child and likes things done her way. Sometimes she can be bossy and often isn’t very polite. She means well, but usually has trouble fitting in. Gumball has her own snow cone cart in Central Park. There’s one minor problem-she’s a snow cone chef with a poor sense of taste! So you’ll never know what flavor you’ll get with this chef, it could be strawberry or garlic! Gumball works really hard at her business, but never seems to have very many return customers. This really frustrates her, so she is thinking she might have to get some help. Stay tuned to see who Gumball will hire!



March 17, 2009. The Pixie Pops.

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