Meet Kiwi.

He comes from Australia!

He is a Pisces. His birthday is March 11th.









Kiwi is the youngest of 22 frog brothers and sisters. He learned early on he had to talk a lot to keep up with his loud family. Sometimes he has the bad habit of interrupting and asking too many questions, but he doesn’t mean any harm. Singing and listening to classical music is a favorite pastime. Sometimes he will even sing for his friends. His inquisitive nature always keeps him busy.  One thing everyone knows about Kiwi is that he’s crazy for dinosaurs and wants to work in the Museum of Natural History in New York City. His favorite thing of all is to solve a puzzle or a mystery. If you’ve misplaced or lost something, Kiwi will put the pieces together and help you solve the problem!  


March 17, 2009. The Pixie Pops.

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