Meet Gumball.

She comes from New York City, USA!

She is an Aries. Her birthday is April 4th. 









Gumball is an only child and likes things done her way. Sometimes she can be bossy and often isn’t very polite. She means well, but usually has trouble fitting in. Gumball has her own snow cone cart in Central Park. There’s one minor problem-she’s a snow cone chef with a poor sense of taste! So you’ll never know what flavor you’ll get with this chef, it could be strawberry or garlic! Gumball works really hard at her business, but never seems to have very many return customers. This really frustrates her, so she is thinking she might have to get some help. Stay tuned to see who Gumball will hire!


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Meet Kiwi.

He comes from Australia!

He is a Pisces. His birthday is March 11th.









Kiwi is the youngest of 22 frog brothers and sisters. He learned early on he had to talk a lot to keep up with his loud family. Sometimes he has the bad habit of interrupting and asking too many questions, but he doesn’t mean any harm. Singing and listening to classical music is a favorite pastime. Sometimes he will even sing for his friends. His inquisitive nature always keeps him busy.  One thing everyone knows about Kiwi is that he’s crazy for dinosaurs and wants to work in the Museum of Natural History in New York City. His favorite thing of all is to solve a puzzle or a mystery. If you’ve misplaced or lost something, Kiwi will put the pieces together and help you solve the problem!  

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Meet Ginger.

She comes from South Africa!

She is a gemini. Her birthday is June 3rd. 









Ginger is a shy little giraffe that usually likes to be on her own. She doesn’t talk very much because she always has a mouth full of gum drops, her favorite candy. She can often be found taking walks by herself and likes to collect things she loves along the way. Her favorite thing to do is go to flea markets and hunt for hidden treasures. Ginger’s prized possession is her set of rare country music records that she only listens to on special occasions. Ginger has a hard time getting rid of things and has way too much stuff! She can hardly keep her closet doors shut. Ginger hopes she will soon clear out all of her cupboards and move to New York City to open her own antique shop!  

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Meet Marmalade.

He comes from Brazil!

He is a Leo. His birthday is August 7th. 









Marmalade is one clever monkey and his number one hobby is painting. His favorite artists are Diego Rivera, Chagall and Picasso. On the weekend, he loves to stroll around the art museums listening to his favorite jazz cd. While Marmalade paints portraits of his friends, he entertains them with his endless supply of predictable knock knock jokes. You can count on him to crack himself up every time! He hopes to one day be painting portraits for a living in Times Square in New York City.  Marmalade loves to spend his free time surfing whenever he can. He’s always sure to catch a wave when he eats his favorite snack, banana and cheese sandwiches!  

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Meet Peaches.

She comes from Alabama, USA!

She is a cancer. Her birthday is June 15th.








Peaches is always ready to party! She is a fun loving happy pig that loves a good time. Entertaining her friends is top on her list of ways to spend her evenings, except for Wednesdays when she has her Hula dancing lessons! She loves to shop and likes to buy a new outfit for every party she throws. Peaches is always on the go and can never seem to make it to her own parties on time. When Peaches has down time, she loves to relax on the couch and read magazines and watch tv. Be sure not to miss Peaches’ next big party… she hopes it will be in New York City where her dream is to be a popular party planner!

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Meet the pixie pops!


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